Ready, set... LEAP! We're live!

"Learning to Engage in Advocacy Participation" or LEAP, is published!

Welcome to the comprehensive, interactive educational platform for occupational therapy practitioners and students to best understand the value of advocacy for the profession and the ways in which individuals can advance the profession through advocacy activities.

The purpose of this site is to increase knowledge of the value for participation in advocacy activities to promote occupational therapy.  This website provides education for best understanding the value of participation in advocacy through the mechanisms of online training through the collection of available public resources.  Each section provides opportunities to demonstrate competence with participation in a variety of activities.

This website is designed to complete the module in a sequence; however, all can be completed without the other based on your understanding of the knowledge of the various topics. 

This program is a direct result of my post-professional OTD degree.  If you are interested about my journey, please contact me.  Now, let’s get to work!