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Basketball game of "Team cohesion, Burst forth youthful style" was held
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This event was organized by company Basketball Association, aims to offer employees who are busy at work an opportunity to relax and adjust mental attitude; meanwhile, company employees can communicate and talk with each other.


During the activity, company leadership encouraged and guided young employees on career planning and realization of self-worth. Mr. Yang pointed out that, “our company is now in the development period of rise, I hope you can make full use of such historical conditions, combine the company development with your own development closely to enhance self-improvement, and give full play to your own professional advantages. Live your youth, and let your dedication blossom and yield fruit.


Company Basketball Association has gained great importance from leadership since its establishment, it has organized Army Day and new staff entry activities for employees to enhance mutual understanding and deepen mutual friendship. Besides, through the activities organization, an athlete team with order and positive thinking is also established, which has laid a foundation for creating a positive corporate culture and harmonious and working environment.



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