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Carry out staff health examination
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Regular physical examination is one of the measures the company caring staff. From November 20, the company’s labor union organized the current employees to have annual health examination in turn.


In order to protect the health of employees, enhance their sense of belonging and cohesion, and fully reflect the corporate care for employees, company decided to have health examinations on current employees and organized by labor union. Examination items include ultrasound, blood test, chest X-ray, brain CT and so on. In addition, the gynecological examination is available for females, which can effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of female workers. In order to ensure the smooth progress of medical examination, the company labor union developed a detailed program that arranged careful arrangements and organizations from all links of the medical examination, and the medical examination also got actively cooperation from employees. It is learned that the physical examination will be finished on December 10 due to the large number of people.



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