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Successful completion of "Three-Certificate-in-one"
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According to the provisions of  State Administration for Industry and other six departments "on the implementation of <Notice about the Implementation of “Opinions of the General Office of the State Council State Council on Accelerating the Three-Certificate-in-one Registration System Reform"(industrial and commercial enterprises Registration Zi. [2015] No. 121) issued by national Administration for Industry and Commerce, company is actively working and shall finish the integration of "business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate" in one document on December 1.


The so-called "three-certificate-in-one" means that the business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate that originally applied from Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau and National Tax Bureau and Local Tax Bureau by submitting materials to the one-time application of business license that printed with "unified social credit code".


This work is another important step made about the reform of Commercial Systems since the October 1 this year. The unified implementation of registration system "Three –Certificate-in-one" will greatly enhance the efficiency of work.


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