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Production System: start from the foundation to improve the overall management level
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At the beginning of new year, on the basis of summarizing the past production experience, the production system aims to start from the reality and foundation, continue to strengthen the training degree, standardize the inspection system and improve the ledger management, so as to enhance the overall management level, and remain stable operation of company's production system.


Establishment of training long-term mechanism. In order to ensure the normal operation of each workshop training, the company has standardized and stressed the training time, training content and assessment frequency. It is required that all positions at the factory have to be flexible on the training time, and make relevant records; on the other hand, the company shall inspect the learning condition every week and include it in the assessment of economic responsibility. Preparation of exam questions will be co-developed by the production scheduling unit and the workshop unit, and the production scheduling unit is obliged to give comprehensive evaluation on questions, to ensure the rationality and seriousness of the examination content, and achieve the goal of really enhancing staff skills.


Patrol inspection focuses on actual effect. Serious and responsible patrol inspection is conducive to discover and solve problems, so it plays a vital role for the stable operation of the production system. In order to avoid patrol inspection becomes a mere formality, company works on the "actual effect" and put forward specific demands. At present, each unit of company is re-sorting the inspection content, inspection routes and inspection standards of each position according to the spirit of scheduling meeting, so that the patrol inspection plays an actual role, and serve the production.


In 2016, company production system shall focus on the aspects of training and patrol inspection, aims to constantly enhance the “three basic” management levels through down-to-earth work; moreover, enhance the overall quality of staff, so as to lay a solid basis for the stable operation of company production system.



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