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Safety Education and Training of Dangerous Goods
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In the evening of 12 August 2015 at around 11:30, a dangerous goods warehouse owned by Ruihai Company in Tianjin Binhai New Area exploded. In the early morning of 12th, the whole nation was struck by the fires raging and brutal scenes of wreckage desolate silence they saw from pictures and the distressing number of casualties. At the same time, this incident quickly affected the nerve of the world, in the 12th morning, Tianjin hit the headlines of almost global mainstream media accompanied by the glare of the fire.


Tianjin incident also caused reflection of companies that produce and manage dangerous goods. In order to further improve our safety management on hazardous chemicals, and improve our safety production management capability, we organized the employees to participate in the education sessions about dangerous chemicals on March 3.


At the training session, based on the current safety production situation and company's actual condition, the instructor delivered detailed explanation by focusing on the safety standards of "Dangerous Chemicals Safety Management Regulations", safety production responsibility, illegal duties, the basics of hazardous chemicals, safety technical measures, major hazard identification, investigation and management of accidents and emergency rescue management, combined with typical accident cases analysis in recent period and accountability.


This training enhanced the safety knowledge and management level of employees, strengthened our company’s safety production and management in the field of hazardous chemicals industry, and regulated the production and business activities of hazardous chemicals. In this way, it has laid a solid foundation for the realization of standardization, standardization and institutionalization.



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