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DSW Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a professional chemical enterprise that integrates research, development, production and marketing. The enterprise's products include urea, morpholine, N- methylmorpholine, diethylene glycol etc., which are widely applied in many fields, namely, agriculture, resins, plastics, water treatment, pharmaceuticals and so on, with an annual production of 100,000 tons, of which, its annual output of morpholine is 5000 tons ranks the leading level in domestic, the product quality also ranks the first class in domestic.

Company’s research and development team has more than 10 professional researchers, providing customers with new product development and technical support, it also owns a number of invention patents. The products have been sold to East China, North China and South China, and exported to many countries and regions in Europe, America, Middle East and Asia, which have gained a good reputation from the majority users.

Company has been adhering to the road of sustainable development since its foundation, pays attention to the safety, environmental protection, health and customer-centered, inherits the business philosophy of "make customers more successful", and strives to become a very competitive enterprise in the fine chemical segment business.


Copyright? DSW Chemical Co., Ltd   Factory add.: Jiayue Town, Zhucheng City, Shandong, China 

Sales office: No.52 Hongkong Middle Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, 266071, China

Tel0532-67737375    Fax0532-80775639  Mail:

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