Module 1: Understanding the Legislative Process


By the end of this module, occupational therapy practitioners and students will:

  1. Define the three branches of government

  2. Describe the general roles of the branches of government in creating legislation and the general steps of how a bill becomes a law

  3. Demonstrate the process of identifying one’s own legislators(s)

  4. Discriminate the legislators’ roles in the branches of government

  5. Evaluate legislator’s committee and/or legislative history

  6. Create an action plan and/or applying to vote in upcoming general election


Defining the 3 Branches of Government

Confused about construct of the federal government? Learn more about the executive, legislative and judicial branches. 


Finding your State and Federal Legislators

It is important that you know who represents your voice in federal and state governments.  Did you know a third of U.S. Congress is up for re-election every two years? Learn more about how your legislators are.


How a Bill Becomes a Law

Sometimes it feels like it can take forever for a bill to become a law.  Well, there are many steps to the process! Learn more about how an idea is started, how a bill moves through Congress, and how it becomes a law. 


Make Your Move: Register to Vote!

It's important to register to vote and to obtain an absentee ballot by necessary deadlines if a college student.  Learn more about resources available to you about voting processes in your state. 

To learn more about how to assist your clients with voting and state by state voting rights, please visit module 3 or click here. 

How do you feel about your understanding of the legislative process?

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