LEAP for Occupational Therapy:
Learning to Engage in Advocacy Participation

A program designed to increase knowledge about the advocacy resources available to promote occupational therapy.

This educational platform is divided into three modules.

Each module has its own objectives, lessons, and resources for increasing your knowledge of your role in the process of OT advocacy. 

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Module 1

Understanding the Legislative Process

This module explores how an idea starts in Congress, identifies the steps to how a bill becomes a law, and provides resources as to how to follow a bill once introduced.

Module 2

Identifying OT Priorities

This module explores resources available to understand priorities that affect clients, resources, and services provided by occupational therapy practitioners, including how to learn more about priorities in your preferred setting or population.

Module 3

Taking Action

This module explores various advocacy activities where your participation can influence change that can strengthen the occupational therapy profession.  Advocacy activities at the local, state, and federal level are described.

“For me, education was power”
— Michelle Obama