Module 2: Identifying OT Priorities


By the end of this module, occupational therapy practitioners and students will:

  1. List resources for locating AOTA and State OT association websites.

  2. Define emerging practice area as identified by AOTA and locate resources to share with peers.

  3. Use the AOTA Legislative Action Center to identify current legislation deemed as priorities by the AOTA Federal Affairs Staff

  4. Use the website to examine the current progress of one OT-related bill and where it currently stands in the legislative path

  5. Evaluate own priorities related to healthcare legislation to determine stance on legislative issue.

  6. Create an action plan for staying informed.

Locating State, National and International OT Associations

Not only is it important to know who represents you in your local, state and federal governments, but it is important to know who represents you as an occupational therapy practitioner! Learn more about national and state association information, including the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).


AOTA Legislative Action Center

The Legislative Action Center from AOTA is an outstanding resource for tracking progress of OT legislation and providing opportunities to write your legislators.  Learn more about this resource, even if you aren't an AOTA member.


Emerging Practice Areas

AOTA has identified emerging practice areas for the occupational therapy profession.  Advocacy for the role of OT in these areas is particularly important for advancing the role of OT in various areas.  Learn more about emerging practice areas from AOTA. a useful site for tracking US legislation

Search by bill number or topic to find relevant health care legislation or to track progress of current or prior legislation introduced in Congress.  Consider searching bills listed in the AOTA Legislative Action Center.

How do you feel about your understanding of OT priorities?

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